Welcome to the Cross-Country licensing portal. This system should be used for cross country licence applications.

General considerations before applying for your licence:

  • Applications should be submitted electronically using the form here or by clicking the start button at the bottom of this page. Applications submitted in any other way may be delayed. Applications for events in Scotland should be submitted direct to Scottish Athletics using their system.
  • Applications should be submitted at your earliest opportunity and ideally no less than 8 weeks prior to the event date. Applications falling outside of this may not be approved in time.
  • The following detailed information about the nature of the event and promotion must be uploaded for your licence application to be considered:
    • Venue details
    • Range of events (non standard events are permitted)
    • Age group, including distance
    • Details of the event Referee (please note Level 2 (Minimum) Endurance Official appointed as the referee)
  • Applications submitted on the online form will be reviewed manually to determine if the application will be approved or rejected.
  • In England applications will be reviewed in the first instance by a Regional representative and secondly by an England Officer who will issue licences. Applications for other National Associations will go direct to the appropriate Officer in the usual way.

EastDavid Cripps
East MidlandsJane Pidgeon
LondonDavid Clarke
North EastArchie Jenkins
North WestShelby Williams
South EastStuart Horsewoood
South WestKeith Reed
West MidlandsMartin Flowers
Yorkshire and HumbersideMalcolm Fletcher

UKA Guide to Cross Country Event Organisation: https://www.uka.org.uk/competition/useful-documents/

The following conditions apply:

  • Competitions must be delivered under UKA Rules for Competition or World Athletics Rules.
  • All Results, in the appropriate format, must be sent directly to Power of 10 as agreed by UKA and the National Association.

Useful information

Cross Country Licensing standards:

UKA Rules for Competition:

Cross Country Maximum Distances for female and male athletes:

Age GroupDistance (metres)

Please click here for guidance on distances for children under the age of 11

Health and Safety Information including template Risk Assessments:

Please contact the relevant home country contacts with any queries.
England nskedgel@englandathletics.org
Wales competitions@welshathletics.org
Scotland events@scottishathletics.org.uk
Northern Ireland info@athleticsni.org