Section 1 - Contact Details

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Section 2 - Competition Details

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The Competition Provider must be currently affiliated to one of the four Home Country National Associations to ensure that UKA Public Liability insurance cover applies to the event.
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Please select the Country where this event will take place.
Event Type: *

Competitions will be granted a licence in line with the published Home Country National Association competition framework.
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Event Venue: *

Please ensure the venue has been confirmed.
I confirm that I have selected an appropriate cross country course which adheres to the principles of a cross country course outlined in rule TR56 and that a dynamic risk assessment has been created for this course and will be regularly reviewed: *

Only add if part of a league.
Host Club:

Only add if part of a league.

Has permission been sought and given by the Landowners / Local Authority?: *
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Are there age group races?: *
Will the event provide races for both males and females, either as separate or joint races?: *
Start time of the first race: *
Please indicate below the distances of your races (see UKA Rule T3 S3 for maximum licensed distances).

Maximum distances for age groups are : - U13 - 3,500m U15 - 5,000m U17 - 6,500m U20 - 10,000m Senior - Unlimited
Entry fees for the event:

In £. Unattached runners to be charged an additional £2 levy.
Event Referee:

The Event Referee must be a Level 2 Endurance official (minimum) after Level 2.
Event Referee UKA Officials Ref:
Has a Technical Delegate been appointed?: *

Technical Delegate Appointed
Notes: He/she is charged to undertake a watching brief over all aspects of the event. To provide a detailed report of their findings and make suggestions / recommendations for future improvements. *Not a mandatory role*

I confirm that appropriate Medical Cover has been appointed for this event: *

Please supply a copy of the event prospectus and paper / online entry form details.
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Please note any conditions or qualification necessary for entry.
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Please enter a valid website, entry link or email address where a competitor could find further information. This will be published on the UKA and EA website. Please leave blank if you do not wish these details to be shared.

Section 3 - Equipment

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Section 4 - Additional Requirements

I agree that I, or the hosts within the leagues have completed a risk assessment: *

Section 5 - Terms and Conditions

I agree that:
  1. UK Athletics Rules for Competition, as supplemented by specific local competition requirements, will be applied and fully accredited Technical Officials must be appointed.
  2. Power of Ten may reject results if appropriate Technical Officials are not appointed.
  3. The UK Athletics Licensing standards for the safe conduct of Cross Country Events, including comprehensive risk assessments, will be operated at all times.
  4. No event will be scheduled for longer than 8 hours on any one day unless additional Technical Officials are appointed.

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Permission to promote will be confirmed by the issuing of a licence applicable to the specific application.

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